Set Up UCSS on Windows

How to Set Up UCSS for Windows

Software Download

From the Client Area, select the “Download” menu and download “UCSS for Windows.”

UCSS recommends using Windows 10 or later versions.

UCSS for Windows is connected using system VPN. It can also be used with games and software that support UDP transfer.

Connect to UCSS

When you open the .exe file, you will be asked for permission to make changes to your computer. Select “Yes”. Then click “Install” to complete the installation.

You will be redirected to the login screen. Enter your email and password, and click “LOGIN”. The server information will be loaded in a few seconds.

After the server information has loaded, you can change the server connection by selecting a server name and clicking “CONNECT.”

When you first click “CONNECT” after the initial installation, it may take up to 30 seconds to connect, while our system sets up the drivers.

Software Settings

You can one of two connection modes from the menu on the top left:

  • Global: to route all traffic through the UCSS server
  • Smart Routing: to route all traffic through the UCSS server except Mainland IP (bypass Mainland IP)
  • Web Browser: works primarily in browsers. Communicating without imposing a heavy load on the CPU

Under “Account”, you can log out, switch a plan, and check the remaining monthly traffic. You may check the real-time remaining monthly traffic on the Client Area of the homepage.

Select “Lauch at login” if you want the program to launch automatically when you login to your computer.

UCSS for Windows measures ping using a different method than most other apps. It measure ping through the http header instead of ICMP/TCP. This ping value will be larger that that measure by other apps. Please use a speed test app if you need an accurate ping measurement using ICMP/TCP.

Update Server Information

Server information is automatically undated every time the software starts. If you want the latest server information, close and restart the software to receive the updated information.

How to Set Up Proxy Sharing

 Proxy sharing requires that the Windows device in the LAN configuration and the device to be shared are in the same Wi-Fi environment.

Proxy Sharing settings

From the icon on the upper left, check “Setting” > “Proxy Sharing” > “Allow Proxy Sharing”. Check the port number and IP address.

The local IPs of all the external terminals currently in use are displayed. Please use the corresponding IP address when using via a wireless Wi-Fi router.

How to set the sharing devices (iOS)

Change the Wi-Fi settings on the iOS device and connect to a device that allows proxy sharing. This can be any device able to set an HTTP proxy (Android, Windows, etc).

On the iOS device, select “Settings” > “Wi-Fi.” Select the mark on the right side of the connected Wi-Fi. Tap “Configure Proxy.” Select “Manual.” Enter the IP address and the port confirmed in step 1. Click “Save” in the upper right to complete the setting. The iOS device is now connected to the device that can share the proxy.


  • We keep changing server information according to the situation in China. If you cannot connect to a server, delete the server that is no longer usable and update the subscription information.
  • If problems occur with third party software, please contact the software’s developer. UCSS can not solve application problems.