Set Up UCSS on Android

For users connecting through Android devices, UCSS recommends using Clash, an app that is updated regularly.

How to Set Up Clash for Android

Download and Install the App

Download “Clash for Android” from the download menu after logging in. You can install the APK file after downloading it.

You can also download it on Google Play Store.

Load your servers

After logging in to the account page, select the relevant service from “Active services”. Tap “One-Click import” of Clash. Select “Open with Clash”. The subscription URL will be loaded automatically.

Enter “720” to “Auto Update” server information (recommended) > Tap the “Save Icon” in the upper right

Tap the profile item you just created and return to the home screen.

ON/OFF Toggle

“Stopped Tap to start” on the home screen is a toggle to turn on/off. When it is turned on, the “Proxy” item appears below. Please note that the name may differ depending on the selected mode. Tap the “Proxy” item and select the server.

Switch Mode

You can select a server from the proxy and change simple connection rules.

  • “Proxy” > Select the server
  • “China” > To select whether or not to bypass mainland IPs. “Direct,” the option to bypass mainland IPs, is the default setting.

If you want to change all traffic through a UCSS server, “China” change to “Proxy”. You can also set it as the default by selecting: “Setting” > ”Override” > ”Mode” > ”Global Mode.”

Clash uses a fundamentally different method to measure Ping than most other apps. Clash measures ping through the http header instead of ICMP. This gives in a higher ping value. If you want the more accurate ICMP/TCP measurement, please use a speed test app.

Update Server Information

If “Update Server Information” is set to auto-update, you will not need to manually update servers.

To update manually, tap the dot mark on the right side of the URL. Select “Profiles” > “Update” to complete the update.

How to Set Up Shadowsocks

Software Download

Download “Shadowsocks” from the Google Play Store. If you need an APK file, you can download it from Apkpure.

Copy Shadowsocks URL

After logging in to the account page, select the relevant service from “Active services”. Copy the Shadowsocks URL.

Be sure to use the Shadowsocks URL. Normal subscription URLs cannot be used because the format is different.

Read server information

Open “Shadowsocks” and select the menu bar on the upper left > “Subscriptions” > the plus icon on the upper right. Paste the Shadowsocks URL that you copied to “Edit Subscription” and click “OK”. Then tap the cloud icon in the upper right to load the server information.

Switch ON/OFF

Return to the profile (home screen), select the desired server and tap the airplane icon. “Connection request” prompt appears, select “OK” to complete the connection. Use the airplane icon to turn the connection on and off.

Switching connection rules

Shadowsocks allows you to change connection rules on a server-by-server basis. To change the connection rule for a server, tap the cloud icon on the right side of the server, and then select the rule you prefer using “Profile Config”.

Updating server information

Tap the menu bar on the upper left > “Subscribe” > cloud icon to update the server information.


  • The connection password and server information (server URL) are user-private information. In order to use it safely, please DON’T upload it to SNS (WeChat, QQ etc) and other people.
  • If problems occur with these apps, please contact the app’s developer. UCSS can not solve app problem.